Lifestyle Photo Session Contract

Services Summary

Krista Taylor (dba P.S. Taylor Media) offered the client, , one lifestyle photography session at a time and location to be determined in separate communications (e.g., text and email). P.S. Taylor Media will provide the client with approximately 50-75 edited digital images from the session within 2-3 weeks, on average, after the session date. P.S. Taylor Media will host the digital images in an online, password-protected gallery at

Copyright & Print Release

The client has the right to copy or distribute any of the images P.S. Taylor Media provides from their session; however, P.S. Taylor Media reserves full ownership of all images and ask that the client NEVER EDIT OR ALTER THEM IN ANY WAY. The client may share P.S. Taylor Media’s unaltered images on social media or send to friends and family however they see fit. The client may not use any of P.S. Taylor Media’s proprietary images for entry into a competition, commercial, or editorial use without P.S. Taylor Media’s express permission. P.S. Taylor Media retains the copyrights to all images per USC Title 17, (US Copyright Law). P.S. Taylor Media asks that the client “tag” or “mention” @pstaylormedia when sharing the images on social media.

P.S. Taylor Media is released from any liability due to loss or damage and from any obligation to maintain copies of any physical or digital files.

Model Release

By signing this contract, the client releases their right to limit where or how we use images from their session. We reserve the right to use our images from the session however we see fit. For example, we will likely add some to our portfolio or share them on social media to promote our services.

Krista Taylor (dba P.S. Taylor Media)

Krista Taylor (dba P.S. Taylor Media) and the client sign this page to say that they have both read and agree to the terms of this contract and will abide by and enforce everything therein. If any one part of this contract is no longer able to be enforced, then the rest of the contract remains and is fully enforceable.